Mt. Hunger

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Round trip distance of 3.8 miles. Time: ~4 hours Difficulty: Moderate The Waterbury Center Trail follows up the west side of the mountain. It is a well-maintained trail, with beautiful views. The view from the top is great, although it is frequently covered in fog. Trial information and maps can be found at


Drive time: 1hr 20min

Directions: Head south on I-91 to I-89. (2 miles) Take the exit onto I-89 N toward Barre/Montpelier, VT Head north on I-89 (63 miles) Take exit 10 / Waterbury,VT / VT-100N. Turn right of the exit. Head north on VT-100 for 3 miles. Turn right at Howard Ave. Go 0.3 miles. Turn left at Maple St. Go 0.2 miles. Turn right onto Loomis Hill Rd. Go 1.9 miles. Continue left at the fork onto Sweet Farm Rd. Go 1.1 miles. The trailhead is on the right.

Mt.Hunger Trifecta

Because of the driving distance, this trip has been run as the Mt.Hunger Trifecta.

The trip hikes Mt.Hunger, then visits the Cold Hollow Cider Mill, Ben & Jerry's factory and the Cabot Annex store, all in Waterbury, VT. All of these delicious food factories are along the 3 mile stretch north of I-89 along Rt.100. You pass the Ben and Jerry's factory and the Cabot Annex on the way to Mt.Hunger. Cold Hollow Cider Mill is just 0.3 miles north on Rt.100 from the turn-off onto Howard Ave. A trip to the Cabot Cheese factory can also be included, although this is about 40 minutes away in Cabot, VT.

Ben & Jerry's - Home of delicious ice cream. The tour is $3, offered every half-hour and includes ice cream samples.

Cold Hollow Cider Mill - They make cider, cider doughnuts, apple butter, and other tasty apple products. They also sell a large variety of Vermont handicrafts. Free Cider samples. Cider doughnuts are $5 for a dozen, and are definitely worth it.

Cabot Annex - Cabot's outlet store. Home of the cheese parade, a free sampling of all the cheese Cabot makes. Definitely worth multiple visits. (There is also a chocolate shop in the same parking area that can be a fun stop if you have the time)

Cabot Factory - Located 40min away in Cabot, VT. The tour is $3. Includes a cheese parade, a store where you can buy limited edition cheeses.

Trip Reports


Group: Jessie Colin (heeler), Victoria Nelsen (co-leader), Kelsey Catano, Dan Propp, and Emily Golitzin

Weather: cold, perfectly clear, incredible views up top w/ complete visibility

Route: From parking lot on Sweet Farm Road, up Waterbury Trail (blue blazes), down by same route.

Time: 2.5 hours round trip

Notes: well maintained, micro spikes were needed at the top, some scrambling/steeper sections toward the summit. It took up about 1 hr 20 min to reach the top and about 1 hr 10 min to come down. We went to the cider mill, cheese shop, chocolate shop, and Ben & Jerry's factory. The tour at B&J's is now $4; we opted out. We ate lunch at the cider mill inside at the table by the door. We left around 9:30 am and got back at 4:20 pm.


Group: Paige Wilson (heeler), Will Bishop (co-leader), Eric Waskowicz, Jillian Mayer, Neil Bhatt, Emily Hoffman, and Ellen Nye

Weather: cold, somewhat cloudy but decent visibility at the peak,trail somewhat icy and frozen in higher reaches.

Route: From parking lot on Sweet Farm Road, up Waterbury Trail (blue blazes), down by same route.

Time: Round trip ~4 hours

Notes: Seems like a very popular trail, had to park along road further down. Fairly steep ascending, but took our time. Much faster going down. Trail icy though (steep grade makes for lots of natural waterways passing down through trail which freeze in cold weather), so we went slow. Chilly at peak, had to end lunch early to get below tree line to to warm up tripees. Afterward went to Cold Hollow, Cabot Annex, Champlain Chocolates (next to Cabot Annex), and Ben and Jerry's (since it was Halloween, Ben and Jerry's was closing early and we just barely made it for the last tour, tour's were free this day though!). Stopped by ice cream shop and flavor graveyard. Started snowing on trip back, but made it before it got too bad. Left at 9am, back by 7:30pm.


Group: Max Deibel (heeler), Jesse Rieb (co-leader), Tina Ma, JP Panzl, Kendall Farnham, Michelle Lee, Laura Goodfellow, and Matt Bossart

Weather: Not too cold, fairly cloudy but still good visibility from the top

Route: From parking lot on Sweet Farm Road, up Waterbury Trail (blue blazes), down by same route.

Time: Round trip ~4 hours

Notes: Surprisingly large amount of snow and ice on the trail, which resulted in a pretty slow ascent. Descending went much faster (we were able to just "sled" down a significant portion of the trail). Trip was run as the "Triathlon of Hunger," so after the hike we went to the Cold Hollow Cider Mill, the Cabot Annex, and the Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory. No real problems, just be aware that there's still a lot of snow on this mountain in April.