Mt. Moriah

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Mt. Moriah
The view from the summit of Moriah, March 2015
Drive 115 miles (2 hours)
Hike 9 miles
Difficulty Moderate

Driving Directions

Take I-91 North to exit 19, I-93 South to exit 40, and follow Route 302 to the intersection with Route 3. Take a left onto 3 North, and a right onto Route 115 North to get onto Route 2 West. Follow Route 2 through Gorham, go past the intersection with Route 16, and take the next right onto Bangor Street. The Carter-Moriah trailhead is at the end of the street.

Hiking Directions

Follow the Carter-Moriah trail to the summit and back; there are no intersecting trails.

Trip Reports


Group: Greg Partridge '16, Shane Weisberg '16, Lainie Caswell '17 (Leaders), Ursula Jongebloed '18 (Heeler), Albert Liang '15, Katie Hake '16, Emma Rieb '18, Jessica Link '17

Weather: Clear, cold, and windy.

Trail Conditions: 1-3 feet of snow, increasing by elevation; somewhat packed but postholing was frequent.

Trip Report: We drove over from Billings Lodge and started hiking a little before 10, made it to the summit without too much difficulty, except occasionally sinking waist-deep in snow, and enjoyed the surprisingly good view (as well as several on the way up). We made it back to the trailhead by 4, in time to start cooking our chicken-in-a-can Thanksgiving dinner.


Leader: Jeremy Brouillet

Co-Leader: Molly McBride

Trippees: Charlie Governali, Amy Bray, Brian Giunta

Group Size: 5

Weather: clear, partly sunny, blue skies mostly, some clouds, pretty cold, not too windy

Trail Conditions: an inch or so of snow on the ground at the bottom, about 5 inches as we got higher up; there definitely were some icy areas where micro-spikes were key; there was one really boggy, wet section of trail that was sort of hard to pass because there wasn't always adequate footing

Gear: layers, mittens (bring overmitts!), hats, hiking/snow boots, packs (for food, and so that we could de-layer as we got hot), tarp, micro-spikes, trekking poles, headlamps

Description: We arrived at sometime between 8:30 and 9, and after going up the wrong trail for a little ways and some confusion, it took some re-orienenting ourselves and looking around to find our actual trailhead. We had really pretty views from Mt. Surprise (!) not too long into the trip and ended up sheltering behind a very large rock in the trees and putting down a tarp to eat lunch. We were all pretty cold by the end of lunch, so we played Amy's penguin game to warm up. Brian was shivering and his hands were cold, so Charlie gave him his extra big puffy super mittens, which more-than-solved the problem. We continued on for a while, but the sun was already starting to go down, and by the maps and how far ahead we could see, it did not seem as if we were really that close to the summit, so we decided to turn back. Came out in the opening on Surprise just at sunset, which was the best surprise of all! We stopped to take pictures and appreciate the view because the colors of the sky were just gorgeous. Headed back down, had to do some hiking in the dark with headlamps, but managed to get past the worst and steepest sections before it was too dark. I would say we were back at the car around 6ish. It was an awesome day, even though we did not get to reach the top of Moriah; it was a smart choice here and it was extra worth it when we made it to Surprise for the sunset!