Mt. Pierce

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Mt. Pierce
The summit of Mt. Pierce, March 2015
Drive 96 miles (1 hour 40 minutes)
Hike 6.6 miles
Difficulty Moderate

Mt. Pierce provides a relatively short hike to a Presidential peak, with high winds on the bald summit and a clear 360-degree view of the Southern Presidential Range and the Willey Range.

Driving Directions

Take I-91 North to exit 19, and from there I-93 South to exit 40. Follow Route 302 East through Bethlehem, straight through the intersection with Route 3, and through Bretton Woods to find the AMC Highland Center at Crawford Notch on your right. Park here; the Crawford Path begins directly across the road from it. Alternatively, (summer only) park about half a mile up Mt. Clinton Road, which turns to the left just before the Highland Center, and begin on the Crawford Connector path.

Hiking Directions

If coming from the Highland Center, continue straight when the trail first splits; if coming from Mt. Clinton Road, take a left at the fork. Follow the trail for about 1.5 miles and take a left at the turnoff for Mizpah Hut. Continue 1.3 miles to the summit, and return the same way.

Trip Reports


Group: Greg Partridge '16 (Leader), Dan Pomerantz '18 (Heeler), Nick Thyr '17, KC Cheng '17

Trip Report: We hiked to the summit in good time and ate lunch back below treeline. The trail was well-packed by previous hikers; we had snowshoes but didn't need to use them. Great views of Eisenhower and Washington.


Group: Spring Break trip: Greg Partridge '16 (Leader), Ursula Jongebloed '18 (Heeler), Timothy Messen '18 (Heeler), Albert Liang '15

Weather: Below-0 temperatures and windy, but clear.

Trail Conditions: Well-packed snow, didn't need showshoes.

Trip Report: We hiked at a quick pace to the summit, which was very exposed and windy. Even with balaclavas, hats, and hoods we had to shield our faces from the wind with overmitts. We ran most of the way down the mountain to warm up, and ate lunch in the heated Highland Center.