Mts. Killington and Pico

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Trip Reports:


Leader: Wales Carter

Co-Leader: Molly McBride

Group Size: 7

Trippees: Elise Seyferth, Trevor Pogue, David Clemens-Sewall, Brian Giunta, Kellie MacPhee

Weather: pretty sunny and warm (not too hot), i.e. perfect hiking weather!

Trail Conditions: good, not muddy, a little wet (if I remember correctly)

Gear: Hiking boots, water, small packs if you want (for raincoats and extra layers and food)

Description: Hopefully I will recall the order of events accurately (the trip was last May...oops, my bad). I forget what time we left; maybe 8? I'm not sure. Fairly strenuous 12-mile hike total. Stopped for snacks on one of the ski trails. Summited Pico; it was fairly cloudy/foggy. Continued on towards Killington and had lunch in the shelter. Summited Killington, where the views were clearer. Climbed fire tower at top. Kind of sketchy because the first 10 feet or so of the tower, there is no ladder, so you just kind of have to shimmy up. We were all fine, but not sure if it is advisable or was really a wise decision, because it would have been terrible if one of us had gotten hurt. So if you are thinking of climbing it, be careful and think about it before you do it! Just be aware and be cautious. And enjoy the view! Played lots of games on the trail: Contact and 20 Questions! Made it back to the bus probably by 2, and back to campus by 3 (I think). On the way home, made Wales pull over to see giant hay-bale panda next to a restaurant. Took lots of funny pics! A must-see! A fun hike that felt good to do!