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- The assigned bus driver will pick up students from behind Robinson Hall at the assigned time.

- If there are two classes, the bus driver from the second class should arrive with the first class so he/she can bring the bus back to pick up the second group. Similarly, the driver from the first class should expect to bring it back to Oak Hill after returning their class to pick up the second group.

- Once at Oak Hill, you and the center staff will fit/pick up equipment.


All groups should cover basic winter readiness and safety topics. Always give a full safety briefing before working with the group.

- Beginner groups should cover the following topics, in rough order, moving at a pace the group is capable with:

  • Selecting, fitting and donning equipment
  • Nordic walking AKA the shuffle - moving forward on skis
  • Kick stroke
  • Glide stroke (diagonal stride)
  • Poling
  • Weight transfer
  • Herringbone
  • Snowplow
  • Double Poling
  • Touring

- More advanced groups will skip any of these steps as necessary and could also cover:

  • Step turns
  • Step-double poling
  • Skate technique

N.B. Whether you try out skate skiing is up to you and your class. If you are not comfortable teaching skate skiing, but your group really wants to try, arrange for assistance.

For tips and techniques, check out these free e-books: [Ski Technique Philosophy] [How-To Guide]


- You should know and let your class know that they are all entitled to check out and use nordic ski equipment at any time either at Oak Hill or at the DOC house for the duration of the winter season. This is included in the price of their course.