Old Speck

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Old Speck
Getting down Old Speck the right way, March 2015
Drive 152 miles (2 hours 45 minutes)
Hike 8 miles
Difficulty Strenuous

Driving Directions

Take I-91 North to exit 19, I-93 South to exit 40, and Route 302 East to its intersection with Route 3. Turn left onto 3 North, and then right onto Route 115 North. Turn right onto Route 2 East, follow it to Bethel, ME, and turn left to remain on Route 2 East/Route 26 North. Turn left to stay on 26 North, drive about 10 miles, and turn into the parking area on the left.

Hiking Directions

Remain on the Appalachian Trail for about 3.5 miles, then turn right to reach the summit. Return by the same route.

Advice & Anecdotes

Winter advice

Trip Reports


Group: Greg Partridge '16, Shane Wesiberg '16, Rena Hegyi '16, Lainie Caswell '17 (Leaders), Ursula Jongebloed '18, Timothy Messen '18 (Heelers), Albert Liang '15, Emma Rieb '18, Katie Hake '16, Grace Miller '17, Jessica Link '17

Trip Report: Weather was about 35 F, we almost all hiked shirtless since we'd just had a cold winter. Made it only about 2/3 of the way to the summit before turning around, due to a late start. A Considerable amount of postholing occurred.

12/08/2011 (Wheatstarch) Leader: Wales Carter

Trippees: Joey, David CS, Andi, Lexi, Liza (5) Went up the eyebrow trail. Had to cross an icy rock face but rebars helped. Made a wrong turn that took up under the cliff called the eyebrow. Including the detour it was 1.2 mi to the end of the eyebrow trail. Started heading the wrong way on the AT (Old Speck Trail). After turning around it was 2.7 to the summit Went back to the trailhead via Old Speck Trail, 3.8 mi. Weather was windy and sunny at low elevations and cloudy higher up. There was no view from the firetower up top.