Sayre Peak

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Sayre Peak
Drive 50 miles
Hike 1.5-5 miles, depending on access
Difficulty easy

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There is a firetower!

Driving Directions

Take 91 North from Hanover...etc.

Hiking Directions

Off of the Al Merrill Loop.

Advice & Anecdotes

Winter advice

In the winter and early spring the access road to the lodge is closed, so you will have to ski or ski up it.

Trip Reports


Group: 15. Fredrik Eriksson (Heeler), Matt Pickart (Co-leader). Trippees: Patrick Saylor, Shreya Indukuri, Taylor Watson, Meg Parson, Vipul Kakkad, Malika Khurana , Jeremy Brouillet , Prajeet Bajpai, Kripa Dongol, Juan Sanchez, Anna Gabianelli, Benjamin Bauer, Vivian Hu

Weather: Mostly clear (not clear enough for perfect sunrike, though). No precipitation. Stayed at or sightly below freezing the entire time (didn't feel like less than 20 when we were outside).

Route: Parking spot --> John Rand Cabin on access road (2 miles). Stayed overnight in John Rand Cabin. Sunrike to Sayre Peak Firetower (2 miles). Returned to cabin. Returned to bus.

Time: 1.5 hours up the access road. 1 hour up to firetower. 30 minutes down to cabin. 1 hour down the access road. Overall for trip: 7pm Friday-12noon Saturday.

Notes: Snow on both access road and trail, mostly hard enough to walk on the crust, in the middle of the trail. Gaiters and microspikes good to have, but we did just fine without snowshoes. The hike is light but with a consistent uphill, which makes it just a little bit more challenging. It was extremely cold and windy at the top of the firetower (i.e. I wouldn't stay there for more than a minute or so without a face mask). We also had some troubles with trippees getting cold at the top, surely related partly to climbing the firetower.