Ski to Stoddard

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Trip Reports

2/3/12-2/4/12 Leaders: Sarah Schewe '12 and Mike Gillis '12, Group Size: 13

This weekend we skiied the logging road in the Grant to Stoddard Cabin which is unplowed in the winter. Conditions were excellent, cold but sunny with a ~2 in of fresh snow. The road is almost totally flat, making it ideal for new cross country skiiers (about half the group was first time skiiers). It took us almost 3 hours to ski the 3.5 miles will packs to Stoddard, arriving around noon on Saturday. We made a hot lunch at the cabin and then had a more challenging ski in the afternoon (without packs this time!). Despite its small size, Stoddard took quite a bit longer to heat up than other cabins I've used in the winter. I'd recommend getting there early in the day to heat it up, so you're comfortable in the evening (that said, by night it was toasty and some tripees didn't want to sleep in the loft because they were too hot!). Our afternoon ski was a group of 6 of our strongest skiiers - there are several areas close by that you can ski on hillier terrain. There is also a waterfall (probably frozen in the winter and really pretty?), but we couldn't get to it for lack of daylight. In the morning we skiied out and it took us about half the time (1.5 hrs), likely because our tripees were a little more experienced on skis and the trail was better packed. Really fun trip for enthusiastic beginning skiiers!