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Dartmouth Surf Club

Surf Club is one of the subclubs of the Dartmouth Outing Club, and is responsible for surf trips throughout New England as well as river surfing. We are a newer club officially founded in 2017 and has been continuously added upon since then.


Legend has it back in the day Dartmouth had it's very own surf club that was later abandoned. Remnants of our ancestor lived on but what thought of as a joke on the front of T-shirts at the COOP. In 2017, Dartmouth finally got it's very own club thanks to our founder Sheppard Somers.


Most of our trips are to Rye, NH approximately 1.5 to 2 hours away. We also have break trips going throughout the US. most currently a 10 day trip to California and now a trip to Rhode Island. Overnight Trips though not common happen on a termly basis as well as trips to breaks farther that 2.5 hours away.

How to get involved

Surf Club is always looking for more members! You can always email the surf club at for any questions. Trip Leading Procedures - a summary of all the steps of making a Surf trip happen and how one becomes a leader [1]. Leaders have opportunities to take out trips both local and afar, most recently we took our very first break trip to Santa Barbara California! Cabin and Trail has a number of additional leadership positions.


The Chairs of Surf Club of 2019 include: Hinun Crespin 20' as President, Jamie Park Vice President 20', and Leader of Leaders Sheppard Somers 19' The Summer Chairs of 2019: Quinn Hottendorf 21' and Elijah Roth 21'