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College graduates face new health care test

Pre-existing medical condition, co-insurance and a high-risk pool. All of gray zone of health insurance that will be rival each colleges-level business of ethics or economic class.

After sweating out of the final and lasting a half day of graduation ceremony, the last members from class of 2011 are looking forward for is boning on health care policy. As a result, many new graduates - whether they have jobs or not - probably feel paralyzed about what will worked best coverage for an appropriate price.

Can they stay on their parent’s plan? That’s an option until they turn 26. Is their new employer offering benefits? Many small companies are not. What about individual policies? They are widely available and often quite affordable.

have all announced quarterly dividend payments this year, as strong performances have left health insurers with thank you gifts cash to return to their shareholders. UnitedHealth’s dividend increase brings its yield in line with its competitors, based on yesterday’s closing price.