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DOC Tools

This page contains an inventory of all of the DOC's tools and their locations.

It also contains notes on the policies regarding tools and access to them.



  • Prior to using any tools, the user must be familiar with techniques for their safe and effective use. Users should review the DOC/OPO Policies regarding Work Safety.

Care and maintenance

  • All club tools must be properly cared for and maintained.
  • Bladed tools should be kept sharp, handles should be in good condition, casings free of cracks and rust, etc.
  • Tools for maintaining other tools, such as files, wire brushes, screwdrivers, etc. should be available in the front cupboards at the Oak Hill building. If they are not, notify the Facilities Assistant (Larry Hathorn).
  • Any damage, especially which creates a dangerous condition, should be reported to the facilities assistant (Larry Hathorn) or the Assistant Director (Rory Gawler).
  • If you do not know how to care for a tool, you must find out before using it. Talk with Larry, Rory or one of the more experienced leaders in CnT.
  • All tools should be cleaned and returned to their correct storage location after use.


  • All tools are to be marked with identification corresponding to their ownership.
  • OPO tools have "OPO" in black sharpie and are located primarily in the OPO locker (southernmost locker on the east side of the HERS building)
  • Ravine Lodge tools are marked with a yellow paint blaze and are stored at the workshop at Moosilauke.
  • CnT tools are marked with an orange paint blaze and are in the Trails locker and in the power and hand tool lockers (see below).
  • DOC tools are marked with a green paint blaze and stored in the power and hand tools lockers (see below).
  • Any new tools should be marked with the appropriate markings immediately after purchase.


  • All DOC projects must be approved by club leadership in consultation with their club partner.
  • All projects related to OPO facilities must be approved by OPO staff.
  • Tools must only be used for approved projects.
  • Tools must be signed out on the following [form]

The inventory below notes where tools are.

  • There will be portable tool kits and cordless drills available for use on DOC/OPO projects which can be signed out from the OPO office in Robinson and from DOR (Robo, spring-summer, DOC House during winter).


  • Tools lost or broken through negligence will be replaced at the borrowers expense, or at the sponsoring entity's expense at the discretion of the director or club chair in consultation with the club partner.
  • Tools lost through normal wear and tear should be replaced from the owning entity's operating budget unless deemed obsolete or unnecessary.


  • Inventory will be performed before and after the summer work season. Any discrepancies will be reported to club chairs and OPO staff.
  • For access to these tools, contact the Facilities Assistant well in advance of your need. A staff member will sign out the tools to you and arrange for their return.
Power tools

Power tools are located in the center locker on the east side of the HERS building

  • Ridgid Compressor
  • Ridgid Floor Nailer
  • Ridgid Framing Nailer
  • Ridgid Brad nailer
  • air hose
  • Dewalt chop saw with stand
  • Makita impact driver w/ charger
  • Dewalt cordless tool kit (light, drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw, charger, 2 batteries)
  • Ryobi tool kit (ibid.)
  • Dewalt router kit
  • 2@Makita power planer
  • Makita 5' orbital sander
  • 4@ 7 1/4" circular saw (ryobi, craftsman, makita, skill)
  • Dewalt 12V cordless drill
  • Milwaukee electric drill
  • Makita belt sander
  • Paint sprayer
  • 2@100' extension cords
  • 2@50' extension cords
  • 500w work light
Hand tools

Hand tools are generally located in the northernmost locker on the east side of the HERS building.

  • 2@Log Scribes
  • 2@ 4' level
  • 2@ 2' level
  • Assorted drill bits
  • Craftsman 10 pc 3/8" drive standard socket set
  • Husky metric socket set
  • Endurance charger
  • 3@ blocks for steel cable
  • log tongs
  • 11@ claw hammer
  • 3@ tin snips
  • 6 @ flat bar
  • 6 @ hand saw
  • T-square
  • small framing square
  • 3@ framing square
  • 3@ speed square
  • 2@ staple gun
  • Hammer stapler
  • Leather tool belt
  • 11@ auger bits
  • spoke shave
  • cats paw
  • short pinch bar
  • rubber mallet
  • 6@ assorted screwdriver
  • compact standard wrench set
  • 3/8 random ratchet
  • 9@tape measure
  • stanley 100' tape
  • dewalt drill index
  • 4@ carpentry chisels
  • 2@ scoop chisel
  • 3@ framing chisel
  • 2@ Chalk lines
  • 2@ cloth nail aprons
  • lg pipe wrench
  • 4@ irwin quick grip clamps
  • 2 pioneer bar clamps
  • 12" bar spreader clamp
  • Plumb bob
  • craftsman nut driver set
  • assorted spade bits
  • 2@ tenon maker guides
  • assorted hole saw bits
  • 2@caulking gun

(estimated numbers)

  • 18 @ 6' frames
  • 4 @ 4' frames
  • 18 @ 6' cross braces
  • 6@ 4' cross braces
  • 2 @ decking planks