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The DOC maintains 10 Shelters along the Appalachian Trail.

The construction dates are as follows.

  • Velvet Rocks was 2007
  • Moose Mt. was 2004
  • Ore Hill was 2001
  • Happy Hill was 1999
  • Thistle Hill was 1997
  • Beaver Brook was 1994
  • Hexacuba was 1989
  • Jeffer's Brook 1981
  • Trapper John was 1973

Smart's Ranger Station is complicated:

  • 1923 Existing firewarden cabin on Smarts taken over by DOC - exact location unknown- called Smarts I
  • 1930-32 Smarts II Cabin built on south end of summit, along with observation tower
  • 1933 Smarts I torn down
  • 1938 Smarts II damaged by winter storm
  • 1940 in wake of 1938 hurricane, old tower torn down, new metal firetower built on true summit, with firewarden's cabin nearby. Smarts II torn down
  • Around 1960 Smarts shelter built on site of Smarts II cabin
  • Spring 1979 NH forest fire service abandons firewardens cabin, DOC takes it over. DOC had occupied it since

Mid 1980s. Smarts shelter torn down, tent platform remains