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Summary of WW 1992, from a Dartmouth alum

Well, Dartmouth Logging Days 1992 was a success. Although the weather sucked, especially on Friday when it rained all day, the meet went off without a hitch (well, maybe a few hitches) and all had a good time. Friday was at Storrs with canoeing, logroll, pulp toss, splitting, and a killer packboard relay. Saturday was all on the green with singles (chainthrow, axe throw, pulp throw, obstacle, pole climb, and flycasting), firebuild, scoot load, vchop, hchop, bucksaw and crosscut.

The usual suspects were around, with the notable exceptions of PRoll (off in Australia, retired from WW type stuff) and Jack Noon. Forgive me if I forget any, but competing were at least Hooke, Metsky, Ed Lowney, Kevin Stone, KRoy, Martha Green, Jen Nichols, Rich Nichols, Jen Botzojorns, Tito Autrey, Alex Tait, Put Blodgett, Sam Smith, Mike Lowenthal, Dory Kirstner, Heather Killebrew, John and Adrian Owens (the latter also as coach of the new teams from Sterling), and Jay Benson.

Also showing up were Lars Botzojorns, Heidi Stowell (Nichols?), Mike McMurtry, Peter Forbes, Bob Averill, Phil "Moosejaw" Viereck (sp?), Jeff Garneau, and certainly some I didn't see or don't know. Surely others were there in spirit.

Some notable things: Martha Green won both axe throw and chainthrow (136 points!) for women overall, saying "Warm up? Naah. Let me compete!" I also had a fine chainthrow time. Rich and Put, of course, won singles canoeing. The Dartmouth women's alums in general put out a fine showing considering sometimes the whole team was 2 people (Jen N did all three canoeing events!). Some of us planned a feed for 50 for friday night and only 20-25 showed up. So we grilled and sold the extra hamburgers on the green on saturday, just making back our costs. Men's alums bucksawed 13 cookies with 13 people (instead of 12 with 6) and still scored 83 points... Tito cranked out the most incredibly three-dimensional surface in his (the last) cookie. John Owens tied for 2nd overall in axe throw, beating the ugrads...

Overall, the A team was in 3rd and B team in 12th out of 21. The W team (ie, women's, the C team) in 4th out of 6. Unbelievably, the difference between the top two in men's was only .9 points out of about 1500. The order: Pinkerton A, CCFL A, Dartmouth A, Colby A, CCFL B ... Events: Dartmouth A won logroll, scootload, and packboard. Dartmouth W won flycasting.

Including the alums in the men's ranking:

  1. CCFL alums
  2. Dartmouth alums (60 points back)
  3. Pinkerton alums (5 more points back)
  4. Pinkerton A (100 more points back)
  5. CCFL A
  6. Dartmouth A.

Well, at least we beat all the ugrads.

Women's alums: there was only Dartmouth and Paul Smith's, and Paul Smith's came in fourth, then Dartmouth C, then Dartmouth women's alums (though the latter did not compete in Vchop).

We got to borrow and watch the nice video made of the '86 meet, with some fine views of chubbers competing and some fun interviews. Only complaint is that it was too short (about 15 min)!! I may try to make some copies, if anyone's interested.

Next year: at Pinkerton.

David Kotz '86

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