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Centennial Banquet

The DOC will host a banquet to celebrate the culmination of 100 years in the out of doors and a full year of great DOC events! Please join us. The Centennial Site is your source for more information. Join us in celebrating this great organization!

AT in a Day

The Appalachian Trail in a Day was, by many accounts, a roaring success. WikiDOC is your source for pictures and trip reports from this historic event, and more content is being added every day! pete gadomski 22:05, 11 November 2009 (UTC)

WikiDOC founded

WikiDOC was installed for the first time mere days ago, and so things look a little bare around here. Never fear, however! I'm putting in good hours customizing the look of the site, creating basic framework and help pages, and developing a base category system. I hope to introduce the site to a small group of dedicated users within a week, and hopefully start getting not-me-generated content soon after that. Here we go! -pete gadomski 02:28, 29 May 2009 (UTC)